It is a karaoke player, and it is FREE! If you like it and want to contribute to the author, please consider to donate. Thank you very much! (If by any chance you donate more than the price of RemoteLetmKara Pro version ($6), you will get a redeem code to download it for free)


Remote control

Remote control from Android mobile phone

Karaoke formats

Play karaoke files like midi, mp3+lrc, mp3+xml lyric and mp3+cdg

Video formats

Plays almost all kinds of video formats with internal decoder using Directshow, LAV filters, ffmpeg

Text encoding

Support all types of text encoding


As many monitors as you want

Customizable background

Karaoke background with video, image or webview app

Customizable karaoke text

Karaoke text style (color, font, size, ...) can be changed

Highly customizable user interface

Beautiful and highly customizable graphic user interface (GUI) by using web technology Html5


Karaoke player on PC


Remote control on Android

* Pro version doesn't have Ads and might have more features than free version in the future


Quick start