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Command line


LetmKara accepts some arguments in command line. They are mainly for debug purpose.

How to use

Create a shortcut of LetmKara.exe, right click on it and choose Properties, then edit in the target.

How to put in command line args



This argument will enable debug menu for OSD, MainWindow and background ..., which open debug window for webview of those components.

Way to debug menu

If you know about inspection in Chrome browser, this is it.

Debug webview window

This argument also enable menu "Webview app manager", which allow you to play with webview apps. Here is the bar visualization as a webview app.

Webview app manager


You don't really need to use this one.

Libass is the library to render karaoke text.

This argument is to enable libass debug level. is a number from 0 (FATAL errors) to 7 (verbose DEBUG). Debug message will be shown in log. Also, an .ass file will be created in folder Log when a midi, kar, mp3+lrc, mp3+xml karaoke is played.

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