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Configuration file


Not all settings are shown in the Settings Window. For full access to settings, you need to go to the folder settings in the installed folder (where you placed LetmKara). Open file letmkara.json using notepad or any text editor. There you can edit the settings.

Before proceed, you should:

File letmkara.json may not exists. You need to run and close program one time so program will create the file.

File is written in JSON format.

Configs which aren't shown in Settings Window

Name Unit Description
DisableCefGpuProcess true/false Disable or not GPU process for CEF. Sometime it is good to turn off. Default is true.
OffscreenWebviewFrameRate frames per second Webview's rendering framerate. Lower to get better performance.Default is 30.
TextureWidth, TextureHeight pixel Size of 3d surface texture used in rendering. Lower to get better performance. Default is 1280x720. If set 0, program will get screen size as size.
ThumbnailSize pixel Maximum height of thumbnail images that is extracted from video
ThumbnailExtractingPos % Position in video where thumbnail is extracted, in percentage of total time

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