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Webview is a component to display web pages. Why does LetmKara want to display web page while it is just a karaoke player? Because web technology, which includes html, javascript and CSS, allows very fast implementation of user interface and also very beautiful user interface.

LetmKara uses Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF) for rendering web pages. Chromium is the core in Chrome browser. A webview is like a tab in Chrome browser.

Components use Webview

Select OSD theme

I made some themes for OSD: default, christmas and Tet new year.

Choose webview package

To select a theme, go to menu Webview => choose webview packages. Select On-screen display, choose package and click OK. Button Settings is for configuration of the selected webview package. This settings can also be accessed from menu webview => On-screen display => settings.

osd settings

Because Karaoke scoring is just for fun only and requires some visual effects, its settings is placed here instead of in Settings Window.

Select webview as background

Background with webview can be set in Settings Window, tab General. Now they are experiments only.

For now you can choose:

webview as background bar visualization

Photo slide show settings


If you have knowledge of web development, especially front-end, you can make your own interface for OSD, main window, background or other webview apps.

For example, this guy changed some image:

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